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About Us

Company profile – Removals Manfred Karger

The moving company was founded in 1999 by Manfred Karger, IHK certified road haulage contractor.

Since then, we have carried out over 185 moves annually within Germany, to other EU countries, Switzerland and Great Britain.

In addition, we ship removal overseas containers to America, UAE, Australia and Asia.

Training company for the following professions:

• Office clerk / woman

• Specialist for furniture, kitchen and moving services

• Professional drivers

Our services:

In addition to removals, furniture and special transports for private and commercial customers, we are:

Full service provider for container shipments including all forms:

• Providers of seized items (give away/sell/auctions)

• 185+ moves annually

• 5 employees

• 75,000+ km per year

Our goal is to make your move professional, hassle-free and stress-free.

Anyone who has ever moved knows how stressful and tiring it is. It costs time, sweat, nerves, and maybe something valuable breaks. After all, you don't move every day.

Organizing this is always a big challenge.

There is no guarantee that mistakes will be made.

But there is also a much easier way.

Only experience and detailed advice, as well as the correct and complete determination of the removal goods bring a clear picture of the project for both sides.

With us at your side, you can look forward to your new apartment or home. You get up in the morning and enjoy the day.

We'll do the move.

And everything is set up in no time. So they don't spend the next few nights looking for their things in random boxes.

It is not for nothing that our company philosophy is:

Only satisfied customers are the best advertising a company needs!